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Sierra Natural Science WeedRot™ gets rid of weeds with a patent-pending formula that’s safe for kids and pets when used as directed. Best weed killer on the market!

✔ Glyphosate Free
✔ Works in as little as 3 hours
✔ Made in the USA

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You Can Buy WeedRot™ In 2 Easy-to-Use Formulas

You Shouldn’t Have To Choose

Between a Beautiful Garden and a Safe Environment for Your Family

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Our journey started over 20 years ago. We wanted an effective and natural weed killer that worked fast but didn’t harm the environment. But that kind of product didn’t seem to exist.


Introducing Sierra Natural Science WeedRot™

Now you can control the weeds in your garden, lawn, farm or school with confidence. Our glyphosate-free formula is safe around your children, dogs and cats.

WeedRot™ is safest weed killer, it’s exempt from EPA regulations. Buy Today!

in stock no glyphosate symbol – SNS WeedRot does not have cancer causing chemicals

How to Use WeedRot™


after you buy directions for how to use WeedRot weed killing solution, step 1, pick a sunny day

Pick a Sunny Day


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Spray weeds with WeedRot™


Buy and learn how WeedRot weed killing solution works in 3 hours

See Results in as little as 3 hours

Cloudy days are fine too. The sunnier it is outside, the faster you’ll see results

WeedRot™ is Effective on


how to use WeedRot weed killing solution, step 3, wait 3 hours for dead weeds


WeedRot kills Crabgrass weeds – image of Crabgrass growing


WeedRot kills Starthistle weeds – image of Starthistle growing


WeedRot kills Starthistle weeds – image of Starthistle growing

And over 250 different kinds of weeds!

Our Weed Killer – WeedRot™ in Action

Before and after using Sierra Natural Science weed killer products
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Watch WeedRot™ Kill Crabgrass

In only three hours (video is about 1 minute)

Trusted by the Gilroy School District

To protect their students and staff

WeedRot Testimonial Letter

Buy WeedRot™ and Get Rid of Pesky Weeds With Piece of Mind

Helpful Articles About Weed Killer

When to Apply Weed Killer

When to Apply Weed Killer

When it appears there are more unwanted weeds on the lawn than the grass itself and you can’t remove them manually, weed killers come to the rescue

However, when deciding to use a broadleaf weed killer for grass, vegetables, flower beds, or any other plants, know

basket of harvested vegetables including green onions, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, kale, peppers, cauliflower and red cabbage

Why Are Pet Friendly Weed Killers Important for Our Planet’s Future?

Weed killing chemicals were previously praised for overcoming agricultural difficulties and shortages. Pesticides were known as the technological answer to combating weeds, insects and other pests that

How Long Does It Take Weed Killer to Work?

How Long Do Weed Killers Take to Work?

Weeds appear almost everywhere–mostly in large quantities that are not easy to eradicate. They take away space, sun, and nutrients that are essential for the care and survival of cultivated plants. They cause them to weaken and linger, or even die. This unwanted vegetation must be promptly dealt with to avoid negatively impacting nearby plants with this weed growth.

Weedrot™ is not made with Glyphosate*

Glyphosate is linked to cancer

a bottle showing how SNS WeedRot weed killer line does not use cancer-causing Glyphosate

With Weedrot™ You Can Have a Beautiful Garden

And create a brighter future with healthy weed killer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we’re asked.

There are no stupid questions though – only information you don’t have yet – so ask whatever is on your mind.

It’s it true that most weed trees will die if one cuts down below the crown as long as they’re young enough to get pruners around them?

Not necessarily. In many cases, extra growth will generate below the chopped area. It’s best to dig or pull them out to remove all roots.

Can weeds be killed by highly acidic vinegar and orange gel?

Vinegar and orange gel can be somewhat effective in killing weeds due to the acid it contains. Be careful not to use it on desirable plants. This is not the most effective weed control formula. Its also very hard to control weeds in grass without killing the grass. Its one of the most popular weed killer alternatives.

What’s the best spray for getting rid of weeds like goat head sticker grass from a play area?

WeedRot™ Natural Systemic Weed Control is pretty all-inclusive when it comes to killing every part of a weed. If you’re looking for something less expensive, boiled water might work. But be aware that both of these will kill any plant type they come in contact with. Avoid any weed killer with high levels of Glyphosate. This ingredient is linked with cancer and is a known human carcinogen. For maximum safety, stay away from all glyphosate-based products. They’re not worth the meaningful risks they present.

What are the benefits of knowing weed species growing in the planting bed?

Knowing the type of weed present in one’s garden is crucial to determining the best way to manage it. Some invasive plants are very aggressive and can be hard to control when they mature. Numerous weed species show a cultural problem on the landscape. For instance, the problem of overwatering is indicated by the presence of Nutsedge.

.weed killer crops

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About Pet Safe Weed Killer

To have a beautiful garden, it must be properly maintained on a regular basis. This includes the removal of weeds that could prevent your plants from growing. Weeds also have the disadvantage of spoiling the aesthetics of the garden.

In either case, many people choose to use weed killers to get rid of the unwanted weed. These pesticides are mostly chemical. They have enormous consequences on the health of pets as well as other animals roaming around the garden.

This information leads us to one question. How can one keep their garden free of weeds while being safe for their pets? The answer lies in the use of pet friendly weed killer.

Traditional weed and grass killer is toxic. They are definitely not pet friendly weed killers. Not only do they harm the soil and disturb the natural cycles of the earth. They can also cause harm to us humans and even to our pets with their toxic chemicals.

Fortunately, you can find pet safe weed killers like Weedrot on the market that are safe and actually do the job. It’s a shame that we live in a world where toxic chemicals are acceptable to kill weeds. Natural, healthy alternatives are considered a less desirable option, but pet friendly weed killers are important.

Many homeowners are unaware of the dangers associated with chemical weed killers. They may not know that they can find pet friendly weed killers, or natural weed killers.

If you are reading this, you’re obviously a caring and conscious pet owner. Someone who wants to keep your animals in good health. You’ve come to the right place. This article will explain in detail why a pet safe weed killer is a perfect solution to your dilemma. No need to choose between beautiful flower beds and your animals anymore. That’s what our pet friendly weed killer is here for.

Reasons for choosing a pet safe weed killer

To ensure successful weed control, you may be tempted by the ease of chemical weed killers. With such herbicides, the results will be more than satisfactory, if not radical. Particularly those containing glyphosate. The big drawback is that the use of these products is dangerous for pets. It’s also harmful to insects, and micro-organisms that live in the garden. Consider environmental pollution, adverse effects on the soil and groundwater. Not to mention the consequences on your own health. In 2015, this substance was classified in category 2A, ie “probable carcinogens”. The term comes from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). It’s backed up by the World Health Organization (WHO).

We always have a choice in what we do. The choice to use poisonous weed killers or not is certainly in our hands. For virtually all pet owners, the decision is simple. Their animals will always come first. Pet safe weed killer that works is a must.

When it comes to removing unwanted weeds, there is no need for harmful chemicals. In addition to hand weeding or hot water weeding, there are other ways to get rid of an unwanted plant. A pet friendly weed killer can kill weeds in your flower bed, vegetable garden, or terrace. And this without harming the animals that venture there. Do you still have some doubts? Here is some information that will clear that doubt right away.

Are traditional weed killers like Roundup pet safe?

Many people use these traditional weed killers. After all, they really do ease our burden and make our backyards much more manageable. Unfortunately, you may have to pay for the consequences these weed killers cause.

Remember that not all weed killers are pet friendly weed killers. The safety label is usually about how the weed killer affects humans, although it’s not clear either. This information can alert pet owners, and rightly so.

Glyphosate is a non-selective safe lawn herbicide used for the control of perennial weeds. It is the most widely used systemic weed killer in the world by all types of users. There are more than 400 glyphosate-based formulations, and none of these are pet friendly weed killers. The most widely used one is Roundup.

Glyphosate poisoning is encountered primarily in cats and dogs. Especially after entering in contact with recently treated plants. They can be poisoned by:

  • Eating treated grass
  • Splashing or eye contact
  • Drinking from the container the product was mixed in

Chemical weed and grass killer has an irritating action on the mucous membranes. It’s linked to glyphosate, but also to the solvent used in the commercial preparations. When the animal ingests freshly treated grass, the clinical signs are mainly digestive:

  • Salivation
  • Irritation of the mouth
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

In case of eye contact, conjunctivitis can occur, with redness and lacrimation. Are you willing to take the risk when there are pet safe weed killer available? Find out why Weedrot is the best of the pet safe weed killers for gardens where your pets have access.

What makes Weedrot a weed killer safe for pets?

Sierra Natural Science has developed this weed killer to:

  • Avoid the tedious process of manual weed removal
  • Preserve our soils
  • Ensure the safety of your pets

This family-owned company is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly and reliable weed killers. Products that make gardening easier for you and keep your pets safe. This innovative product safeguards your furry friends from any danger of poisoning.

Weedrot is exempt from EPA regulations. There are no harsh chemicals or glyphosate, and the formulation is 100% of plant origin. This is confirmed by the Gilroy School District. It publicly states that it trusts Weedrot to be an excellent alternative to Roundup. Just as effective, but infinitely less dangerous.

This product is also famous for its Zero Day REI. This pet safe weed killer can be applied all the way to the day you harvest the fruits and vegetables in your garden. You and your pets are free to access the area where the herbicide was applied.

Weedrot is great for commercial pet safe weed prevention

Tired of buying Roundup when you need weed killers? Totally understandable! Not only is it expensive, but it’s detrimental to your health and that of your pets. Unfortunately, many farmers and gardeners still use weed killerscontaining glyphosate. And yet, nature gives us everything we need to compete against the nuisances of the garden. If you want to preserve your pets while saving money, switch to our pet friendly weed killer.

Weedrot is a great alternative. Especially for gardeners who are looking for natural solutions in the garden. For those who do not want to use products based on glyphosate or other harmful chemicals. This pet safe weed killer is a plant-based substance. It comes into contact with the green part of the sprayed plant. It deforms it, disrupts its vital processes, and causes it to die. Its action is essentially based on:

  • The disruption of photosynthesis
  • The destruction of the regulation of growth hormones
  • The inhibition of amino acid synthesis and of lipid synthesis

It doesn’t have soil-borne activity. It’s broken down into harmless substances in the soil very fast. It doesn’t affect succeeding crops or flower beds. decorative and edible plants can be cultivated in the treated area. It is also recommended for use in the cultivation of fruit trees and shrubs. Due to its natural origin, it doesn’t leave residues. There are no undesirable substances in the fruit or on your lawn. It’s also ideal for controlling:

  • Dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous weeds
  • Root suckers
  • Moss on paving stones

Whether you have a large vegetable garden or simple flowerbeds, keep your pets safe. Only use weed killers that respect the water table and the ecosystem in general. Weedrot is amazingly effective, yet 100% safe for all animals. Check our natural weed killer out in your garden!

Can’t I just make my own natural weed killer?

There are many natural alternatives available to us to control weeds. Yet, they are not all safe for the environment.

Horticultural vinegar is an altered vinegar created in laboratories. It has a higher concentration of acetic acid. Usually 20% linoleic acid versus 5% domestic/distilled vinegar. This means that it is a herbicide and not a food. High levels of acetic acid can cause injury to animals and be corrosive to the environment. For this reason, we recommend using sparingly, if at all. Bleach has a similar effect. It is a powerful biocide that kills bacteria. No doubt that its effect is not appreciated by soil micro-organisms. Do not use it at all.

Using salt is also a mistake. Even if it is natural, it sterilizes the soil. Moreover, it’s only effective if applied in large quantities. It’s toxic for all plants, both weeds, and cultivated plants. It gets trapped in the groundwater, poisoning the soil fauna in the process. The action of sodium bicarbonate is similar to salts. Its effect on the environment is not neutral either.

Pure nettle manure is another product that can be used as a weedkiller, but it is certainly not pet-safe. This may seem surprising since it’s known for its insecticidal and fertilizing virtues. In reality, as it is rich in nitrogen, it becomes toxic for plants and fills the soil with nitrates.  Also, be aware that some varieties of plants such as marigolds, do not do well with weeds.

Some gardeners use boiling water from cooked foods. Potato or pasta boiling water is full of starch and seems to be more effective than hot water alone. Yet, the residual starch in the cooking water leaves an unsightly residue.

Do you want to use safer methods to kill weeds without destroying your lawn? Turn to natural weed killers such as Weedrot.

Sierra Natural Science’s Pet friendly weed control

Having pets and a beautiful garden is often mutually exclusive. For one thing, dogs and cats like to attack your plants. For another, the traditional weed killers you use can poison them.

Do you value your health and the health of your pets above all else? And while caring for your garden, do you also want to care for the surrounding environment? Consider resigning from preparations based on glyphosate and using our alternative to Roundup. This is a safe method that eliminates the most stubborn weeds even faster!

Get in Touch!

Finding effective, pet-safe weed and grass killer products in the mainstream market may be hard. Looking for professional-grade weed killers? Best to seek out the advice of a trained practitioner.

Sierra Natural Science is one of the leading players in the market. For more than two decades, the company has been a reliable partner for farmers and growers in America. Sierra Natural Science offers the expertise and know-how transmitted from generation to generation.

So, don’t hesitate, and contact our team to find the weed killers you need.

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