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Our products are made to give you the fullest grow. Our four main products can be used in organic production, are non-detect and can reduce IPM costs.

Stories from our Customers 

When a Tornado Strikes

Bryan from MA

These plants were taken out by a tornado! Thank god they were so healthy, inside and outside plants have never been this healthy.. read more

Monster Plants

@specialtytokes in CA

I’ve been using your 209 as a preventative and fungicides for 2 full years now with amazing results. This season is the best yet.. read more

First Time Grower

Alex from CA

First time growing cannabis, I didn’t expect them to grow so big! Using only SNS nutrients on clones & by week 6 they were over 5ft tall.. read more

Mike’s Story

In the spring of 2019 I grew 6 cannabis plants in my backyard using only products from SNS. I had gotten 6 clones that were about 6-8 inches tall and not the best looking plants but figured they would work. The 3 strains I grew were Sour Cookies, Slurricane, and Key Lime Pie. 

I started with the SNS203 root drench for any pests that may have been in the small plastic containers that the clones came in. I then started watering in the SNS209 &604A until plants went outside and  SNS217c on Wednesday nights at dusk just to prevent any unseen pests. When the plants started to flower I changed from the 604A to the 604B and kept watering in up to harvest only adjusting the Perfect Mix as per the feeding chart.  Absolutely no pest or mold issues. The plants grew fast and looked very healthy.

I trimmed the tops of the plants to control the growth height and I trimmed some lower fan leaves as well. The plants always looked amazing and very healthy! On this grow I decided I would keep plants around 6-7 feet instead of 10-11 feet as I have grown in the past. I did trim inside fan leaves to get better access to the middle of plants for the 217 spray to reach the middle growth of plants. The buds were large and quite smelly and the trichomes were large and very sticky! I was amazed at how well the SNS products performed and had others tell me these were some of the healthiest plants they have seen.

In terms of yield, I would estimate that some plants produced close to 1 pound per plant (Sour Cookies), while the Key Lime Pie was close but I trimmed a lot out of the middle during veg and flower stage. The Slurricane did very well and had the most colorful buds as this plant started out like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

Cannabis Products

Ready to Mix Products

Each pouch makes either a 32oz bottle or 5 gallons of product. Mix all pouch contents with water, shake well & spray as needed.

Ready to Use Solutions

Pre-Mixed solutions that are ready to use inside or outside.

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