Mission Statement

Sierra Natural Science Inc. is founded on and dedicated to a sustainable corporate concept of linked prosperity. Our mission path consists of 4 interrelated parts shown below.

The Social Mission
To operate a company that actively pursues a central role in society by initiating innovation in organic and natural material processing, manufacturing, technology and recycling to improve the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally.

The Product Mission
To manufacture, distribute, and sell the finest quality organic and natural products with a continued commitment to the use of renewable natural materials with an emphasis on promoting business practices that reduce the environmental impacts to plants, animals and the earth.

The Economic Mission
To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitability, growth, increasing value for our shareholders and expanding opportunities for our employee’s development and career growth.

The Technological Mission
To research and develop enriching renewable organic and natural products that will empower the end user, promote lower cost to the consumer and help reduced overall pollution.

The mission of Sierra Natural Science Inc., is the determination to seek new and creative ways of addressing all four parts, while holding a deep respect for individuals inside and outside the company and for the communities of which they are a part of.