Schools & Parks

Create a strong pesticide and herbicide management policy that eliminates exposure to harsh chemicals around our children. Children  deserve to be protect from harsh chemicals both inside and out o their classrooms.

No Glyphosate in WeedRot

Spray our weed killer with confidence in schools, fields, & parks.

Aphids on a stock is caused by not using pest control sprays. PC is an organic pest killer that causes pests to dehydrate & die

Organic & Natural Pest Control

Made from peppermint extracts, PC  causes pests to dehydrate & die

Give It Back Program

SNS will donate a portion of the proceeds to the school’s PTO program

tomato weed killer

FIFRA EPA Title 25b Exempt

All of our products are EPA Exempt & have zero day re-entry interval

School Districts Using WeedRot

Sunnyvale School District
Carmel USD
West Sonoma County Union High School District
Santa Rosa City School District
Santa Clara USD
Mt. Diablo USD
Pleasanton USD
San Lorenzo School District
Alpaugh USD
Woodland USD
West Contra Costa USD
Redlands USD
Malibu USD
Santa Ana USD
San Jose USD
San Mateo USD
Salinas City USD
San Juan USD
Gilroy US

Products for Schools

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