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Create a strong integrated pest management & fertilizer program with our natural & organic products. We process raw certified organic botanicals and herbs in-house, ensuring the extracted oils and terpenes have a consistent potency across all of our products.

Fifra 25b EPA Exempt

All of our products are FIFRA Title 25(b) EPA Exempt, and have a 0-day re-entry interval

Organic Production

Our four main products are all organic certified and can be used in organic production

In-house Distilled Extracts

All our products are made with raw certified organic botanicals and herbs extracts that are distilled in-house

  • Organic Pest Preventative

    209 works as a preventative systemic pest control that works by creative a natural barrier around the plant

  • Organic Pest Control

    Made from peppermint extracts, PC is an organic pest killer that causes pests to dehydrate and die 

  • Organic Disease & Fungal Control

    DC kills diseases & fungus  while also nurturing the plants ability to fight and prevent diseases.

  • Organic Line Cleaner

    Reduce organic deposits, films & dirt from limiting performance of sprinkler systems, drip lines and more

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Our Catalog

Find the solution to your problem on our easy-to-understand catalog! Learn what makes our products great, which product best fits your needs, & see all sizes available.

Our bug chart displays common pests & disease and show what products will solve your problem.

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