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Ashley’s Sago Palm Saga

Ashley from Florida thought her sago palm was a goner after it got infested with scale bugs. She sprayed Systemic and after just one application saw the scale bugs were 80% gone. Scale bugs are notoriously hard to treat without cutting off parts of the plant and often kill the host plant they infest, but Ashely is excited to keep us posted after she sprays Systemica again. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Before Systemica

After Just One Application

Mother & Daughter Spraying

Ants React to Systemica’s Forcefield

We sprayed a circle around this ant. Watch as the ant tries to avoid getting close to any area that has Systemica on it. Systemica’s plant-based botanicals kill and repel bugs like aphids, mites, ants & more by creating a barrier that bugs don’t like

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