Ready to Mix

Get better performing crops that have higher yields, a richer color and better flavor. Our products are made with safe & effective formulas from organic botanicals & herbs that are distilled in-house for guaranteed consistency. Protect and nourish your plants with confidence and safety.

Aphids on a stock

Natural & Organic Pest Control

Made from peppermint extracts, PC is an organic pest killer that causes pests to dehydrate & die

leaf damage

Organic Disease & Fungal Control

DC kills diseases & fungus & nurtures the plants ability to fight & prevent diseases

Fertilizing with Sprayer

Fertilizers & Supplements

Nourish your plants with fertilizers made from primary nutrients & radish seed extracts

field of weeds

Naturally Systemic Weed Killer

Naturally systemic & non-selective herbicide that contains no harsh chemicals


We have created these Ready to Mix pouches that just need to be mixed with water. No measuring or fuss, just Mix, Shake & Spray!

Each pouch makes either a 32oz bottle or 5 gallons of products

  • MIX

    We want to make this process as easy as possible. Just pour the pouch contents with water.


    Shake mixture well to get the best results. 


    Spray or drench plants fully until point of runoff & re-spray over next few days as needed!

Sierra Natural Science SNS PC Organic Pesticide Ready to Mix Pouch

Ready to Mix Products

Each pouch makes either a 32oz bottle or 5 gallons of products. Mix all pouch contents with water, shake well & spray as needed

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