Sierra Natural Science Kiosk Program

How the Program Works

1. Pay a Fully Refundable* Deposit of $150
2. Sell all the pouches for $7.99 each (a $319 value)
3. Reorder as needed

*If you don’t like the program for any reason within 30 days, return the Kiosk in good condition. We’ll refund your $150 deposit in full. After 30 days, the Kiosk becomes store property. We’ll replenish the pouches as needed within 3 – 5 days.

All SNS weed control products are made in the United States
All SNS herbicides are glyphosate free

What’s Included

1. Fully loaded kiosk with 40 pouches valued at $319.

2. Store clerk sales cheat sheet. No chemistry experience or memorization necessary.

3. Easy reordering form & set up. Order online or by phone (831) 757-1702.

4. Free customer support monday – friday 9 am – 5 pm.

5. Pricing for all other sizes of the sns product line.

6. A dedicated customer support rep assigned to your store after the 30 day grace period.

Kiosk in Store

Reorder Pouches Here

1. Choose the refill amounts from the order form below.

2. Fill in your company information

3. Submit your order

4. Our sales team will contact you to fulfill your order.

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