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  1. 1 credit card purchase must be met before Net 30 takes in effect.
  2. A valid credit card must always be on-file.


  1. All net 30 accounts qualify for a 2% net 10 which is stated on each invoice. The 2% discount can be applied if paid within 10 days from invoice date.
  2. Any invoices past 30 days will be accessed a late fee of 1.5% interest.
  3. Any invoice that exceeds 45 days will qualify for invoice factoring in which SNS has the right to sell the invoice to a 3rd party. The collection process will vary depending on the account and the status of the account.

NOTE: It is every intention to work with our customers. If any financial issues arise, we highly recommend contacting SNS accounting at 831-757-1702 if any invoice might reach the 45-day mark.

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