SNS-DC™ All Natural Disease & Fungal Control Ready to Use

SNS-DC™ water soluble formula displaces salts and sequesters metals that the microbes depend on to colonize. The permeability nature of SNS-DC™ causes penetration of the microbial cell wall providing preservatives and inhibitors to work on the microbes.


Plant Site Use For All Plants & Turf (Leaves (Foliage), Stems, Stalk, Fruit and around Flowers).
Coverage of Plants = 1 gallon of SNS-DC™ solution will cover approximately 550 square feet , No restricted entry interval (REI)=0.
Spraying/Fogging: Spray all plant parts (leaves, stems, stalk, crowns & other) Spraying lightly on top of the soil may be helpful in reducing unwanted yeast and molds. Be careful when contacting flowers as excess moisture may have unwanted effects. Always spray in the cooler part of the day or with the grow lights off.


  • Active Ingredients0.05%
  • Citric Acid0.05%
  • Other Ingredients 99.95%

L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), Silica (Silicon Dioxide), Potassium Sorbate,
Quillaja Saponaria (Soap Bark) & Purified Water

  • Total100%